Niko Matic, Risk Placement Services

Niko Matic, Risk Placement Services

Risk Placement Services

As one of the top transportation brokers at Risk Placement Services (RPS), Niko Matic helps retailers find coverage for large and complex transportation risks that often require creative solutions. In his first year after transitioning from a binding underwriter to a broker, Matic more than tripled his book. In addition to earning his CPCU and ASLI designations and serving as president of the Charlotte chapter of the CPCU Society, Matic mentors interns within RPS. His goal is to become a role model for younger MGA and wholesale underwriters and brokers.

“I heavily focus on building strong, everlasting and trusting relationships with our retail and carrier partners,” Matic says. “My word is everything. I learned early in my career that it takes ages to build up one’s reputation but seconds to diminish it. I’ve also learned to be reliable and to be able to deliver positive results. Effective communication, trustworthiness, reliability and being able to deliver are the key components that have helped me grow in my career.”

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