Top E & S Wholesale Brokers 2017

Working closely with state stamping offices in California, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota and Texas, IBA compiled this list of 20 companies that dominate the nation’s wholesale market from coast to coast.

Top E & S Wholesale Brokers 2017

Although the future of the US economy is still in question less than a year into a new presidential administration, a changing regulatory landscape on the state and federal levels is expected to gain momentum in the latter months of 2017.

Despite economic shifts and uncertainties, the surplus lines market has experienced impressive growth in premiums so far this year, indicating a healthy market for the sector charged with insuring the world’s hardest-to-place risks. While the overall market remains soft, select markets around the country are firming up as the entire wholesale industry becomes more competitive than ever and new and unique products continue to rattle the state of the market.

Featured in the Wholesale E&S Market Report 2017, IBA lists the 20 companies that are dominating the nation's wholsale market across the country. 

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