Headquarters: Tucson, AZ
Year founded: 2008
Number of employees: 52

RIGHTSURE was born from the ashes of a billion-dollar financial firm that was a casualty of the Great Recession. A handful of former employees suddenly found themselves with a need for a job and, with necessity being the mother of invention, established RIGHTSURE.

Since its founding, RIGHTSURE has acquired dozens of agencies, been involved in joint ventures with public and privately held firms, secured millions of dollars in financing, and executed reinsurance measures with billion-dollar conglomerates. Describing itself as a hybrid between an insurance agency, insurtech and aggregator, RIGHTSURE is increasingly powered by AI initiatives as it seeks to build a platform that puts consumers in control of the insurance process.

RIGHTSURE also strives to empower its employees. “We decreed last summer the Summer of Knowledge and invested heavily in our staff’s education, training, service skills and technology proficiency,” says Juliette Burke, vice president of finance and compliance. “We are doubling down on that investment this year, and all of our staff are trained using an individualized knowledge transfer program. We are leveraging world-class institutions, industry programs and online learning to deliver training, coaching and mentoring.”

Something else the company does to stand out from competition: quantifying data. “The devil is in the details, as they say, and we pay attention to details and quantify and measure everything along the way,” says RIGHTSURE president Jeff Arnold, “from times on websites, times on calls, click rates and renewal rates to retention by carrier.”

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