Robert Weber, President and CEO, Rainprotection Insurance

Robert Weber, President and CEO, Rainprotection Insurance

Dix Hills, NY

Robert Weber founded Rainprotection Insurance, now the largest provider of exhibitor liability insurance programs in the country, extending coverage to more than 3,000 trade shows each year. This year, the company introduced its Inability to Attend program, which allows attendees to literally take a rain check providing full refunds for those who choose to add that option upon registration. The program has been welcomed by organizers, who can now spend less time fielding complaints about refunds and instead focus their efforts on creating the best event possible.

Weber’s work on weather matters dates back to his days with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, where he worked on rain derivatives, and extends to his membership in the Weather Risk Management Association.

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  • Rainprotection Insurance
  • 39 Ryder Ave Dix Hills, New York

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