David W. Clausen, Coastal Insurance Solutions

David W. Clausen, Coastal Insurance Solutions

David W. Clauson

Launched in 2001 by Chief Executive David Clausen in Long Island, Coastal Insurance Solutions got started by specializing in New York Homeowners Insurance located on or near the coast. By focusing on this niche segment, Coastal Insurance Solutions assembled an industry leading roster of insurance carrier appointments and products to specifically meet the unique needs of their clients.   

In recent years, Coastal Insurance Solutions has grown considerably by expanding its focus towards High Value Home Insurance all over the country. “This shift really began at the request of our clients who wanted to partner with Coastal Insurance Solutions on their full portfolio and not limit the service to seasonal homes on the coast,” said David Clausen.

From the beginning, David Clausen and the team at Coastal Insurance Solutions have leveraged emerging digital channels to attract their clients.  “Our clients have increasingly taken to the web to understand the complexities associated with the insurance buying experience and we are able to build trust by offering clear and accurate information digitally.” he says. “Our approach has been to meet the unique needs and high expectations of our cliental at every step, and its starts with our early digital interactions.”

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