Ryan Apgar, Senior vice president, Socius Insurance Services

Ryan Apgar, Senior vice president, Socius Insurance Services

Ryan Apgar
Socius Insurance Services
Specialty: Cyber Liability

A senior vice president at Socius Insurance Services, Ryan Apgar focuses on management, professional and cyber liability. Prior to becoming a specialty broker, Apgar worked at a large national retail brokerage firm, an experience that provided him with vital insights he uses today to partner with his current retail client base. Apgar is an emerging cyber risk specialist known for developing one of the fastest-growing books of business at Socius, teaching continuing education courses and regularly speaking at industry events.

“I’ve been quite fortunate to land in this specialty for a number of reasons,” Apgarsays. “First and foremost is timing – my timing in transitioning to the specialty wholesale sector during a period of expansive technological growth and information sharing has provided a unique opportunity to find a focus in the cyber risk specialty. Combine that with being a part of the cultivating environment that Socius is renowned for, where an unparalleled level of collective expertise and collaboration effortlessly blends together, and the ability to learn is quite easy. Finally, I would acknowledge that an unrelenting commitment to continuing my own education has played a significant role, given that the cyber risk specialty is a constantly evolving space.”

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