Top Specialist Brokers 2020

Meet 47 market experts who have mastered a specific area of expertise to help secure coverage for specialty clients and hard-to-place risks

Top Specialist Brokers 2020

From autonomous vehicles to zip-line courses, from chemical companies to schools, the industries that require special insurance coverage are countless. Each area of business also requires a knowledgeable expert who can meet its specific, ever-changing needs. That’s where the 47 specialist wholesale brokers featured on the following pages come into play.

Nominated by their agent partners and colleagues, these individuals possess unique insights and highly developed skill sets tailored to their particular specialty, which they use to help retail agents and their clients secure the best coverage possible. By staying abreast of trending topics and changes in their areas of expertise, these brokers not only ensure agents and their clients are taken care of, but that each business is covered for future risks as well.

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