William G. Fleischer, Bernard Fleischer and Sons

William G. Fleischer, Bernard Fleischer and Sons

Bernard Flerischer and Sons
Specialty: Fine Art 

“My goal is to help my clients in getting what they require for their art insurance, but also teaching them about their art policies,” says William Fleischer, referencing a quote by Leonardo da Vinci as inspiration: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

A broker for more than 40 years, Fleischer believes it’s of the utmost importance for his clients to understand what they’re purchasing, and he takes the time to make that happen. He originally got his start in insurance because of his father, but he oon realized his motivation stemmed from getting to share his knowledge while assisting clients and building relationships.

Fueled by his lifelong love for the arts, Fleischer has worked with every discipline in the field, from collectors to galleries to artists. “Being able to help and guide a client is very fulfilling, especially during times of crisis or dealing with purchasing or preventative solutions for the future,” he says.

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