Top Specialist Brokers 2021

IBA spotlights 42 brokers who have mastered niche markets to deliver coverage for hard-to-place risks

Top Specialist Brokers 2021

In an age of ongoing uncertainty, specialist brokers are vital. Whether it’s delivering communicable disease coverage and cyber policies for the COVID-19 era, flood and environ-mental insurance to counter the growing climate risk, or even terrorism protection to hedge against the unthinkable, these specialists play an important role in protecting insureds from unique risks.

The 42 standout specialist brokers on the following pages have been chosen by their agent partners and colleagues based on their insights and expertise, which they use to help retail agents and their clients acquire the coverage they need. Always staying one step ahead of the competition in their mastery of their niche markets, these brokers help ensure agents’ clients have the proper coverage for current and future risks.

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