Alicia Calhoun, XPT Specialty

Alicia Calhoun, XPT Specialty

Senior vice president
Specialty: Energy, oil and gas

Alicia Calhoun has been a stalwart in the insurance industry for more than 22 years, with experience divided equally between independent retail and wholesale insurance. Calhoun began her insurance career in 1999 with an independent agent in Manchester, New Hampshire. She became a student of insurance, earning multiple designations (CIC, CRM, CRIS and MLIS), and she continues to improve her craft. Now a senior vice president and broker at XPT Specialty, she is tasked with growing a new book of business in the oil and gas arena. Despite a new and difficult landscape, Calhoun is well on her way to repeating her past successes.

“One of many challenges I have faced is working in an industry where others claim to have a specialty,” she says. “My approach has always been with the insured’s interest in mind. My programs are put together with passion and understanding for not only the insured’s exposures, but also their appetite for risk. Not every quote is created equal. I’ve conquered my approach by mentoring, teaching and being transparent. It has yielded credibility, trust and, most importantly, integrity with my industry partners and peers.”

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