Anamae Saavedra

Anamae Saavedra

Anamae Saavedra

Specialty: Management and professional liability

Anamae Saavedra started out in the insurance industry as a D&O underwriter at the St. Paul Companies in San Francisco. “I worked at a medical clinic doing insurance billing while I was in college,” she says. “So, already having a bit of an insurance background, I interviewed with the St. Paul Companies at the job fair at Santa Clara University. The interviewer mentioned kidnap and ransom insurance, and I became quite fascinated with the specialty side of P&C.”

After St. Paul, Saavedra worked as a broker at CRC for 12 years. In her current role as a professional and management liability wholesale broker, she considers herself a partner to her retail agents, always looking out for their interests. “Peace of mind and doing the right thing are the most important things for me, and I think it helps that my clients know that I am honest with them at all times,” she says.

Saavedra holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Santa Clara University and is a member of the Professional Liability Underwriting Society and the International Society of Female Professionals.

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