Lekha Zaveri, NIF Group, a Jencap company

Lekha Zaveri, NIF Group, a Jencap company

Lekha Zaveri, NIF Group, a Jencap company

Assistant vice president
Specialty: Construction

“When most New York City businesses shut down this year due to COVID-19, we received hundreds of requests to cancel insurance policies,” Lekha Zaveri says. “New York State mandated that finance companies couldn’t cancel policies, but E&S carriers weren’t subject to the same rules. I had to leverage my relationships with the carriers, finance companies and agents to keep their policies active and in good standing.”

This is just the latest example in Zaveri’s long history of keeping clients happy. She began her career as a standard lines underwriter nearly 40 years ago; while working for AIG and CNA, she racked up experience in admitted package markets and monoline casualty insurance. After transitioning to a large multiline wholesaler as a marketing representative, Zaveri wanted to make a bigger impact with agency partners. She worked with top producers in construction, hospitality and real estate to learn the ropes and became a producer in 2012.

Over the past nine years, Zaveri has been a fast-paced, hard-working, expert broker, and the book of business she’s accumulated is a reflection of that. She works with her retail agents in a true partnership by examining the coverage needs of the insured’s operations and reviewing their existing program to try to market their accounts competitively.

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  • NIF Group, a Jencap Company
  • 30 Park Avenue, Manhasset NY 10017

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