Avery Moore, Producer, ECI Insurance Agency

Avery Moore, Producer, ECI Insurance Agency

Age: 28

Avery Moore started her insurance career at a young age by doing odd jobs at her family’s agency, where she learned the value of hard work and saw the opportunity to make a difference in a big way. Fast forward to 2017: She is the third generation to take over the family business. Moore took on the role of vice president of sales development for ECI Insurance with a goal to expand the business exponentially. She has helped develop an online marketing program that led to ECI receiving recognition as the number-one insurance website in the nation, increased her profitability margin in 2016 by 25%, and frequently extols the benefits of insurance careers to her fellow millennials. Outside of ECI, Moore is active in her community – she sits on numerous boards of directors, is involved with Oklahoma Young Agents and volunteers to speak to high schools and colleges across the state about the industry and the amazing opportunities available within it.

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  • ECI Insurance Agency
  • 325 Piedmont Rd N, Piedmont, OK 73078

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