Parker Rains, Vice president, Fisher Brown Bottrell Insurance

Parker Rains, Vice president, Fisher Brown Bottrell Insurance

Age: 35

Parker Rains started as a producer at Fisher Brown Bottrell in 2010, and since then, he has maintained one of the largest book growths within the agency. He was also responsible for setting up two successful offices from scratch to reach new markets and for creating a sales process that the entire agency adopted formally in 2017. Rains heads the company’s Nashville office, which works primarily with middle-market companies looking for access to big markets and value-added services. Rains credits his business savvy to the exposure and training he received from team sports. “When you’re involved in that team atmosphere, you affect the overall performance of the team,” he said in an interview with Crain’s. “If you strike out or don’t get the account, it hurts the team. The competitiveness I had in sports also shows up in business. My position is 100% commission – as most insurance jobs are – and I like the competitiveness of that.”


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  • Fisher Brown Bottrell Insurance
  • 248 East Capitol Street, Suite 1200 Jackson, Mississippi 39201

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