Young Guns 2018 | Insurance Business America

IBA highlights 54 up-and-comers who are well on their way to becoming the new leaders of insurance.

Young Guns 2018 | Insurance Business America

Recruiting, engaging, training and retaining young talent in the insurance industry has long been a concern, yet the 54 individuals featured on IBA’s annual Young Guns list paint a much brighter picture of the industry’s future. All 35 years of age or younger, together they have contributed leaps and bounds above what some decades-long veterans have achieved.

On the following pages, you’ll be introduced to insurance professionals who have dedicated themselves to community works or to passing their knowledge to other rising stars in the industry. You’ll also meet entrepreneurs who are already leading their organizations and tech-savvy pros who are driving the charge for greater digital integration in the industry. Despite their limited time in insurance, this year’s Young Guns have a lot to offer the industry.

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