Agency billing: Key area to tackle for maximum returns

Agency billing: Key area to tackle for maximum returns

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As the excess and surplus (E&S) insurance market booms, agencies that aren’t operationally set up to handle agency billed policies will fail to capitalize on future revenue. In fact, every transaction fuels a tedious back-forth and comes with costs that erode margins.

However, automating your billing process is not just easy but can revolutionize your business - elevating the experience for the insured and positioning you to reap the returns. This free, comprehensive white paper delves into how agencies can best manage their billing and fully optimize for maximum results.

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  • Modern billing trends and what agencies need to know to maximize returns.
  • The benefits of automation over hiring and where top agencies are looking to for solutions.
  • Fully automating the workflow process to simplify and streamline billing – and so much more.

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