Here’s how to respond to volatile situations abroad

Here’s how to respond to volatile situations abroad

Natural disasters. Political unrest. Volatile security situations. These are just some of the risks faced by organizations with personnel and facilities in foreign countries.

So… is your organization prepared? Can you keep your people and assets safe?

Find out how in our free case study.

Discover how risk management provider WorldAware handled the case of university students who found themselves stranded in Nicaragua during a period of violence and unrest. Battling against degrading communications, changing roadblocks, and a volatile security situation, WorldAware nonetheless brought the students home using their Rapid Response Planning Process.

Join us to:

  • Learn how they initiated contact when communications were degraded

  • See how they planned for and mitigated risk in a volatile situation

  • Understand how an efficient and repeatable process can keep personnel safe

  • Get insights on the Rapid Response Planning Process