“A wild animal ate my swimming pool”

Inside Aviva’s most unusual claims

“A wild animal ate my swimming pool”

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By Allie Sanchez

Whoever said insurance was boring has definitely not worked with high net worth individuals, or at insurance giant Aviva yet.

Claims and requests for coverage range from the mildly strange to the outright outrageous as members of the upper crust seek protection for their prized treasures.

Business publication City AM enumerated some of the Twilight Zone worthy claims the insurer has had to process in the recent past.

These include a claim for a badger that reportedly “ate” the policyholder’s swimming pool. Turns out the owner deduced that the wild one chewed on the pool’s lining and sent badger fur retrieved from the filter as proof of the identity of the culprit.

An indoor fireworks festival ensued when a harpoon accidentally went off and hit a home’s electrical wiring, which led to a damage claim.

Meanwhile, a classic car was kept safe by a product called CarCoon, a cocoon for your cars, when a ladder fell on it while in the owner’s garage. It can be concluded that all the insurer had to pay for was another safety cushion for the beloved historical artefact.

In the coverage department, policyholders have sought protection for treasures that cover the gamut of collectibles and antiques known to man.

These include a library of first edition James Bond novels; mint condition Star Wars memorabilia; a 1970s Ferrari race car that is on permanent display in the owner’s home; and a garage full of mid-century petrol station paraphernalia.

And since home is where the heart is, there were a couple of homeowners who asked for coverage for a French vacation home which was rented out to a weeklong nudist convention; as well as a country house that was transformed into a haunted set by a film crew.

Now, who would dare say to Aviva’s face that insurance is boring?

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