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Allianz reveals extended telematics partnership

Allianz reveals extended telematics partnership | Insurance Business

Allianz reveals extended telematics partnership
A strong insurance partnership has just got even stronger as Allianz and Marmalade today revealed an extension of their tie-up.

Allianz Insurance was already the sole insurer for Marmalade, the specialist telematics provider for young drivers, having led its new driver insurance policy since 2013. Now, however, a new dimension to the agreement has been added with Marmalade to become the first broker to integrate with Allianz technology via its global connected car platform.

The connected car platform allows partners to adapt internet of things value propositions to suit their market – it is already live in multiple countries, and, according to Allianz, can offer the following benefits:
  • An offering that enables smarter digital customer interactions
  • An enhanced customer experience through the new app and portal
  • More detailed customer journey data
Marmalade will benefit from:
  • Better claims data
  • A more cost-effective value chain
  • Access to the wider Allianz IoT service offerings
“The partnership with Marmalade demonstrates our commitment to digitalisation and using new technologies to provide a better customer experience,” said James Tucker, smart technology manager at Allianz Insurance. “We are really excited to be their new telematics service provider and the quality of the collaboration between both organisations means the Allianz platform has been tailored to meet Marmalade’s exact needs.

“The expertise of the Allianz Group has spanned different countries and we believe the telematics solution provides a unique insight into the data that will ultimately benefit the customer as we’ll be able to underwrite with an even greater degree of accuracy.”

“This new depth to our relationship with Allianz is going to have a real impact internally and externally,” added Ian Graham, operations director at Marmalade. “The Marmalade team will benefit from streamlined processes as well as better data and customer insight to inform our business strategy, and our young drivers will be empowered with self-fitted telematics boxes and a more sophisticated app and portal to monitor their journeys.”

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