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Direct Insurance Group makes permanent work from home switch

Direct Insurance Group makes permanent work from home switch | Insurance Business UK

Direct Insurance Group makes permanent work from home switch

When the rapid implementation of remote working policies occurred across the insurance market, the question for many was what might be the long-term implications of this change. The answer has become a little clearer today as it was announced by the global speciality insurance business, Direct Insurance Group, that, following the coronavirus lockdown, the business is committing to a remote working policy for all staff permanently.

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Direct Insurance Group, which is based in Lime Street, London is the first insurance group to formally commit to such a change which will allow all staff within its business who want to work from home to continue to do so indefinitely. The insurance company will continue to maintain its eight offices located in the UK, Europe and North America and will remain headquartered in London, but, following the end of the lockdown, all staff will be given the option to work from home, from the office or a combination of both, based on business and personal needs.

The CEO of Direct Insurance Group, David Bearman said he is delighted his business is the first insurance company to formally announce the change and that embracing remote working is first and foremost about the wellbeing of staff.

“Over the last nine weeks our group has not merely survived the lockdown, we’ve actually thrived,” he said. “Our staff have saved money and countless hours by skipping the daily commute; time that is now spent learning, innovating, exercising, connecting and collaborating. For many there is also more time left over at the end of the day for friends, family and leisure. That is all against a backdrop of financials that show we are 26% up in terms of enquiries since we started remote working mid-March.”

Bearman noted that the coronavirus pandemic has had tragic consequences for many families across the globe and has changed the way that individuals live and work. With this step, Direct Insurance Group is looking to take the chance offered by this crisis to improve the wellbeing of its staff.

“There’s very little reason to return to the way things used to be before the outbreak,” he said. “Whichever way you look at it it’s clear that this is the way forward and I’ve no doubt other insurance companies will soon follow suit.”