Dynamo Cover chief says he's "the most successful candidate" from The Apprentice

'Fired' businessman wants to take Lord Sugar's place

Dynamo Cover chief says he's "the most successful candidate" from The Apprentice

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By Terry Gangcuangco

Alex Mills, the Welsh native who founded insurance broker Dynamo Cover in the same year he was ‘fired’ from The Apprentice, believes he’s had the most business success among his peers from the UK reality TV show.

“Not to come across as big-headed, but I am the most successful candidate that’s come out from this process if we’re looking at business success levels, and I didn’t even win,” 31-year-old Mills told The Sun in an exclusive interview.

The Dynamo Cover chief executive, who appeared on The Apprentice at age 22, is also of the view that he has what it takes to replace Lord Sugar if he were to retire.

“I’ve been one of the candidates, I’ve had the 4 am phone calls, 20 minutes to get ready, standing in the streets of London selling pints of milk,” noted Mills, who is said to be now worth £16 million. “I have a very unique perspective in the fact that I’ve actually gone through the process.”

The Cardiff-based businessman, imagining how he would let go of Lord Sugar, added: “I wouldn’t say to him that he’s fired – I think I’ll tell him ‘You’re retired’.”

When Mills was booted off the show, Lord Sugar gave him a piece of advice, which appears to have worked.

“Alex, I think you’re a young enthusiastic chap, and I want to send you off with a bit of advice: ‘Try and stick to something’, and you’re going to succeed,” stated Lord Sugar on TV at the time. “But at the moment, Alex, it is with regret you’re fired.”

Mills did stick to insurance, leading Dynamo Cover in arranging motor, home, gadget, bicycle, GAP (guaranteed asset protection), and breakdown cover from the company’s premises in Barry, South Wales.         

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