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Gardener publicly slurs Aviva

Gardener publicly slurs Aviva

Gardener publicly slurs Aviva It’s fair to say that a few people like to complain about their insurance companies – indeed some even take their complaints public. However, few have done so in quite the manner of one gardener from Rickmansworth in Hertfordshire.

Inspired by the Channel 4 sitcom Father Ted, Alan Clark has put the message “Aviva Insurance Shower of b*****ds” on to the back of his truck – and claims he gets 30-40 thumbs-up a week from people as he drives around his home town.

According to a report in The Mirror, Mr Clark’s complaint stems from the insurer cancelling his policy and claiming he had lied about his no-claims bonus – allegedly demanding £900 to reinstate it. He originally took out a policy last November but it was cancelled in January – with Mr Clark saying his previous car insurers had not told him it paid money to a claimant and he did not feel he should be punished for this.

Speaking to the publication, Mr Clark outlined how he had been approached by the police to remove the message but he has so far refused to back down.

“I get about 30 to 40 people a week giving me the thumbs up, and lots of people stopping to ask for my picture,” he said.

“The sign isn’t going anywhere until Aviva give me back my money and apologise. William Shakespeare used the word b*****d hundreds of times in his writings, in every implied sense.
“Perhaps the police would like to ban these plays being performed in public?”

He noted that without a summons from a magistrates’ court his message would remain on his van.
In response, Aviva told the publication that Mr Clark’s policy was cancelled because he did not provide proof of his no-claims discount.

“Mr Clarke’s policy was cancelled as he did not make us aware of two claims he was at fault for when he was with a previous insurer,” Erik Nelson told The Mirror on behalf of the insurer.

“We have offered to revisit this and update our records accordingly if it was found the claims were recorded incorrectly.

“Until we hear differently from his broker, we are correct in recording the claims as at fault and cancelling his policy due to non-disclosure.”

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