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Insurance fraudster caught out in bizarre fashion

Insurance fraudster caught out in bizarre fashion

Insurance fraudster caught out in bizarre fashion Whether you’re an insurer or a broker reading Insurance Business UK, chances are you’ve come across the odd unethical customer over the years. So what better way to start your week than by reading about one cheat who got caught out in quite ridiculous fashion?

Take the case of William Owen, 29, reported on in The Mirror, who reportedly claimed he suffered severe neck and back pain following a minor bump in which a driver reversed into his car on the forecourt of a garage. He waited two months for medical help and when he did receive an examination he was diagnosed with whiplash based on his complaints.

However, his insurer, Aviva, was suspicious of his claims and launched an investigation into the Preston-based man discovering that he had tweeted about working for three weeks in a row without a day off.

In another tweet just months following his diagnosis, he claimed to have finished seventh in a 10km race in St Helens and also revealed he had signed up for a half marathon.

Not ludicrous enough yet? He then went on to post a selfie photo of himself on top of Mount Snowdon.

With this clear evidence Owen quickly dropped his claim – but that wasn’t the end of the matter with Aviva pursuing him for his dishonesty.

At Liverpool County Court, a judge ruled that Owen had deceived both the insurance company and the medical expert – and was ordered to pay the insurer’s costs which were in excess of £9,000.
Now that sounds like a pain in the neck.

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