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Royal beautician insures hands for £15 million

Royal beautician insures hands for £15 million

Royal beautician insures hands for £15 million We’ve had plenty of unusual insurance cases over the years, including the recent cases of a chocolate-taster who insured her tastebuds, and a whisky master who insured his nose – but now we have an insurance case that comes with Royal approval.

Beautician Deborah Mitchell, from Wolverhampton, has insured her hands for a whopping £15 million as she looks to protect them from damage. As part of the deal she must take a host of unusual steps, such as handling cutlery with silk gloves and avoiding opening doors by herself.

According to a Daily Mail report, Mitchell, 51, the founder of Heaven Skincare, has earned her reputation for innovating bee venom products, such as a bee sting facial kit. As a consequence she has racked up a host of celebrity clients including the Duchess of Cornwall, Danni Minogue, Duran Duran and Tess Daly.

Now, having insured her hands, Mitchell is obliged to avoid using them in situations that may damage or hurt them. This means that she must be extra careful when performing several daily tasks – including wearing gloves when she walks her two dogs to avoid getting friction on her hands. Other precautions include not touching heated kitchen equipment; handling cutlery with silk gloves; and wearing gold bangles to bed every night as they are known for their healing properties and ability to prevent arthritis. In addition, she must use an envelope opener to open her mail to lessen the chances of a paper cut.

According to the report, the businesswoman already spends around 30 minutes a day looking after her hands – which includes a massage with candle wax oils and a range of exercises. Speaking to the publication, she explained why her decision makes good financial sense.

“It might sound strange to some but it actually makes good business sense for me,” she said. “I fly all over the world treating celebrities and royalty. This would not be possible if I damaged my hands, even with a small paper cut as I could not treat anyone until it healed.

“My hands are so important to me as I could be called at any minute to attend an important trip with a client and I would never want to let them down. Without my hands, I would not be able to earn a living and make my clients beautiful - and that isn’t an option for me.”

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