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Trans-inclusive policy launched by Allianz in the UK

Trans-inclusive policy launched by Allianz in the UK | Insurance Business UK

Trans-inclusive policy launched by Allianz in the UK

Allianz Holdings plc has taken a huge step in promoting diversity and inclusion across its UK businesses with the adoption of a new trans-inclusive workplace policy.

The insurance giant has launched its “transitioning at work” policy, which provides information on the “legal context and protections” relating to transgender employees, along with key considerations for responsibilities for employees and line managers.

The new policy covers topics such as name changes, time off for transitioning, dress codes, pronoun guidance, and recruitment procedures.

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In a statement, Allianz said the policy was part of the firm’s diversity and inclusion (D&I) standard, which reflected how employees should conduct and express themselves, with the goal of creating an environment where “everyone is respected, valued, and able to bring their true self to work.”

It was created by Allianz’s human resources and D&I team in collaboration with Allianz UK, LV= General Insurance (LV= GI) Pride Networks, and LGBTQ+ rights group Stonewall.

“We’ve always done our best to foster an environment and create a workplace where everyone can thrive, but we felt it was important to bring in this new policy to explicitly demonstrate our support for our trans colleagues,” said Stephanie Smith, Allianz Holdings chief operating officer and sponsor of the Allianz Global Pride Network. “It provides clarity for everyone, not only on practical HR matters but also how we can all help to create a safe and inclusive environment.”

Smith cited a recent Stonewall survey that found that more than half, or 51%, of transgender individuals have either concealed or disguised their identities at work for fear of discrimination.

She added that the new policy was designed to allay trans employees’ fears.

Mike Crane, D&I executive sponsor, managing director LV= GI Broker and chief executive officer of L&G General Insurance, described the launch as “another key milestone in [Allianz’s] D&I journey.”

“[This launch] supports our ongoing ambition to celebrate the diversity of our people and ensure that we all feel empowered to express ourselves authentically at work,” he said. “As an employer, we need to ensure that our trans colleagues are able to enjoy an employee experience where they feel validated, accepted, respected, and supported. We hope this significant step will help us ensure our workforce is fully diverse and reflects the communities and customers we serve.”