Underwriter Dr Krish Shastri becomes oldest ever medical graduate

After years of research, one underwriter has become the oldest ever graduate from Birmingham medical school

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By Callum Glennen

Age has proved no barrier for underwriter Dr Krish Shastri, who has just become the oldest ever graduate of Birmingham medical school.

Dr Shastri has graduated with a Master’s degree in clinical oncology at an age when many executives are considering retirement. Dr Shastri is the chairman of InsureCancer, the UK’s only specialist advanced cancer travel insurer who offers cover to people with active, metastatic, relapsed and terminal cancer. Travellers with cancer are often unable to find realistic cover options and are forced to travel without insurance, but InsureCancer aims to get them decent cover.

The company has long been developing its expertise in order to write realistic travel insurance policies for patients. Dr Shastri started his degree in 2012 to keep on top of advances in the field of cancer treatment.

“I am grateful to Birmingham Medical School for its commitment to lifelong learning which allowed me to enrol on one of the leading clinical oncology courses in the country,” said Dr Shastri. “This course has provided a unique insight to latest cancer therapies, including advances in patient specific targeted immunotherapy. I will ensure that we will engage this knowledge to innovate and to help more cancer patients.”

As well as being the managing director of InsureCancer, Dr Shastri is also the chairman of the Travel Underwriters Group.

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