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Woman hit with insurance quote nearly six times the value of her car

Woman hit with insurance quote nearly six times the value of her car

Woman hit with insurance quote nearly six times the value of her car Brokers know all about the risks that young drivers pose to insurers – and finding them an attractive quote is often hard work. However, while you may expect their premiums to be high it’s unlikely you’d expect them to hit five figures.

Yet that is exactly what has happened to one young driver who has been quoted more than £11,500 a year by Aviva – that’s close to six times the value of her car.

The woman in question, Naomi Bowler, is making national headlines after being stunned with a £1,107.72 a month quote from Aviva for her £1,700 Peugeot 206. The 19-year-old was previously insured at just £96 a month with a black box used to monitor her driving.

Yet despite the fact that she has no claims and parks the car outside her home she was still given a massive quote of £11,542 a year. It’s clearly a quote she can’t afford, especially as she earns just £1,400 a month after tax.

Speaking to The Mirror, Naomi, from Folkestone in Kent, commented that she was “absolutely disgusted” by the figure and that she even entered her details twice to check the quote was real.

The mental health support worker has an automatic vehicle with 64,000 miles on the clock and was insuring for social and domestic purposes including commuting.

However, Aviva has moved to defend the quote with a spokesperson telling the publication that while it couldn’t comment on the specific case “an inexperienced driver will pay considerably more than an experienced driver who has been claims free for many years. Insurance reflects the risk a customer brings to the insurance ‘pool’ and is based on factors which are unique to the customer - such as the car they drive - as well as other factors, such as claims costs.”

So, as an insurance professional, what do you think of the quote? Based on the circumstances outlined above does it sound astronomical or justified? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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  • Iamnotarobot 21/07/2016 15:14:00
    Something doesn't quite stack up about this - her premium has gone from something sensible to astronomic and nothing has changed, no claims etc. ? If it is simply one insurer pricing according to their appetite to take on the risk (insurance isn't some god given right at a reasonable price, it is a commercial transaction and it is up to the insurer to charge whatever they like for the risk, there is no obligation for a particular customer to purchase) then I presume she tried elsewhere and if she'd found an insurer happy to take a reasonable premium she would have gone with them. I assume either all quotes were higher for some reason, or other quotes were reasonable and she's decided to go to the media. Anyone who has used insurance aggregator sites will have seen what seem to be crazy premiums but these are surely just one insurance company's reflection of their appetite for a particular risk.
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  • AK 21/07/2016 15:35:48
    It is also possible that the insurer now has a policy to exclude very young drivers, but can only do this by quoting unaffordable premiums.
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