Autoline Insurance adds dashcam option to telematics product

Updated smartphone app can automatically send footage of a collision to insurers

Autoline Insurance adds dashcam option to telematics product


By Duffie Osental

Insurance broker Autoline Insurance has partnered with dashcam manufacturer MiTAC Digital Technology Corporation (MDT) and insurtech firm Inzura to add new options to its ChilliDrive young driver telematics insurance product.

ChilliDrive customers can now integrate an optional dashcam to an updated smartphone app. The dashcam automatically starts recording in the event of an accident while driving, capturing the moment of impact in a collision. The app monitors location, speed, dates and times of the journey and stores footage of the accident, which is automatically sent to insurers.

Combined with the dashcam, the app can automatically provide FNOL (first notification of loss) to the insurer, without the need for user interference (including accident footage). The new ChilliDrive offering also includes driver assistance features such as lane departure alerts, forward collision warning systems, and fatigue alerts.

“We are passionate about education around road safety and in particular the increasing role that technology can play in achieving this aim,” said Julie Gibbons, managing director of Autoline Insurance. “That’s why we launched the original ChilliDrive and also why we remain committed to continually enhancing our app in line with technological advancements. In addition to being able to track and score driving behaviour, feedback is available post-journey enabling young drivers to modify behaviour and take corrective action, encouraging them to think twice about how they drive.”

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