PPL update goes live

Brokers can now select multiple stamps for facilities

PPL update goes live


By Paul Lucas

An update to the PPL Ltd platform has gone live today.

The update contains “significant enhancements” to its functionality and responds to a number of market requests for change.

“This release reflects the tremendous investment of time and energy that the market is making in evolving the platform to reflect what it wants and needs,” explained Bronek Masojada, chairman of the PPL board. “These new capabilities for facilities are a perfect example of how market practitioners identify possible improvements for PPL and then the team delivers the solutions. It is part of our commitment to listening to the market and helping optimise the user experience.”

Among the elements of the new release are: an enhancement so the broker can now select multiple stamps for facilities; a new link that enables users to toggle between the facility and the associated declarations; and the ability to now make placements with open market and facilities both constituting a percentage of the whole. It states that brokers can choose how much of a risk is facilitised and how much is open market.

“Guaranteeing the quality that the market expects and needs is of primary importance to everyone at PPL and the collaboration and participation of all the market firms, both brokers and underwriters, is vital to our ongoing success,” concluded Masojada.


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