Aspen Insurance

We are a leading specialty insurance and reinsurance company.  


We specialize in providing customized underwriting solutions to clients and brokers across an array of geographies, products and perils. 


Our success is founded on our underwriting expertise and risk management insight, and it is backed by our client focused philosophy. Aspen is an innovator in the management of complex risks on behalf of our clients. We are focused on providing carefully tailored underwriting solutions in select markets where talent, technical expertise and underwriting skills are rewarded. 



Client Testimonials

“Our Company recently dealt with a claim involving an insurance policy issued by Aspen Insurance. Due to the complexity of the facts surrounding our claim, there were legitimate questions whether and to what extent the insurance policy provided coverage on our claim. The matter quickly escalated to senior claims leadership at Aspen. Although our interest, as the insured, differed from the interest of Aspen, I respect and admire how they handled the matter. The senior claims officer who handled the matter on behalf of Aspen was astute, had excellent, business acumen and was a gentleman throughout the process. He and his team allowed logic and practicality to dictate the outcome on the contested issues. They held their ground when logic dictated that they do so, but the senior claims officer was always professional and courteous during our interactions. When logic favored our Company, Aspen allowed logic to prevail and conceded the point without any gamesmanship being played. In the end, Aspen worked with me in good faith to resolve complex issues rather than as an adversary. And as a result, we were able to resolve very complicated issues expeditiously and in an amicable manner. The Aspen management team conducted itself as a class organization and treated us fairly and respectfully.” Frank Brady, General Counsel Demetree Meridian


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