Executive Insights Series: Natural Catastrophes 2021

Executive Insights Series: Natural Catastrophes 2021 | Insurance Business America

Executive Insights Series: Natural Catastrophes 2021

Climate change is dramatically increasing the frequency and severity of natural disasters, with global insured losses from disaster events in 2020 reaching $89 billion. The unpredictable nature of these catastrophic disasters makes them difficult for many insurers to confront. 


Now, leading insurance firms are using advanced modeling tools to better understand the impact of climate change on catastrophic weather risk.


Download this Executive Insights Series report to get answers on the most pressing questions about future catastrophes. Learn how insurers are reacting to increased exposure to wildfires and hurricanes, current wildfire insurance claims trends, and how technology plays a growing role in the management of all catastrophic events. 


The latest report features expert insights from Munich Re US, CoreLogic, Verisk, and RMS. 


Download now and gain insight into:

  • Tackling the significant gaps in flood protection
  • Insurers’ role in mitigating wildfire and storm surge risk
  • How property owners can mitigate hail damage
  • Using predictive data to manage weather risk 
  • Reinforcing the catastrophic claims process with technology
  • Harnessing parametric insurance for dealing with natural disasters