QBE North America announces revamped gender-equal parental benefits

Available to all parents and inclusive of adoption, birth, fostering, and surrogacy

QBE North America announces revamped gender-equal parental benefits


By Kenneth Araullo

QBE North America has introduced an updated paid parental leave policy called “Balanced Beginnings,” extending significant benefits to its employees involved in adoption, birth, fostering, or surrogacy.

The program guarantees a minimum of 12 weeks of paid leave to all parents, irrespective of gender, and can extend up to 22 weeks under certain conditions related to family expansion.

According to QBE North America, the policy underscores the company's commitment to supporting diverse family dynamics and gender equality in parental roles.

The Balanced Beginnings program is available to all employees from the day they start working at QBE North America, and the leave can be utilized flexibly within the child’s first year.

This program is also part of a broader suite of benefits that includes adoption and surrogacy reimbursement, coverage for infertility treatments, and two weeks of paid caregiver leave each year to care for an ill family member.

Julie Wood, CEO of QBE North America, emphasized the importance of supporting employees’ family-related goals alongside their professional growth.

“As a working parent, I have experienced the complexities that come with managing a growing family and career – it can be a tough balancing act,” Wood said. “I think it's key that our employees feel confident we'll support not just their professional development, but their family goals as well, and this enhanced benefit is another step in our prioritization of our people's needs.”

Rachel Pollack, chief human resource officer at QBE North America, also highlighted the progressive nature of the program.

“We recognize the role employers can play to help equalize gender roles, normalize taking time off to grow a family and make the workplace a more family-friendly environment,” Pollack said. “I'm particularly proud of Balanced Beginnings because through it we are able to recognize the beauty in diverse family dynamics and support all parents.”

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