Do MGAs really focus on what’s important to producers?

Are the MGAs you work with in tune with your priorities? Make your voice heard by rating your MGAs and identifying where improvements can be made.

Do MGAs really focus on what’s important to producers?

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Do you ever wish you had a megaphone and a national platform to tell the MGA sector exactly what’s on your mind? Insurance Business America may not be able to get you a primetime television spot, but we are snagging you that megaphone with our reader survey on managing general agents.

This short survey is your chance to send your thoughts and feedback to MGAs across the country and to be a part of the cover story for IBA’s next print issue, set to hit desks in March.

We are delving deep to uncover the most important attributes of an MGA, covering everything from how well MGAs are performing now to how to pinpoint the best in the business. Your responses will be included as an integral part of that message, so don’t miss this chance to make your thoughts known.

Hundreds of insurance agents participated in last year’s survey, which identified areas like automation, customer service and turnaround time as the areas in which MGAs could most improve. The survey even got MGAs talking, which we covered in the following issue as the beginning of an important dialogue between wholesale and retail agents.

Check out last year’s survey results here, the response from MGAs here and take this year’s survey here.

To learn from what others have to say about the world of MGAs, be sure to stay tuned for the next issue of IBA!

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