Far Out Friday: Insurance agent turns into pro wrestler

Insurance worker by day and pro wrestler by night – find out about this woman’s path to WWE

Far Out Friday: Insurance agent turns into pro wrestler

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By Jordan Lynn

In her day job for Geico in Texas, no-one ever steals Hayaneyoung Olvera’s lunch.

By day, she may be an insurance agent at one of the biggest firms in the world, but by night she dons lycra and heads into the ring, chasing her dream of professional wrestling super stardom.

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As part of her day-job, Olvera, who goes by the ring name Hyan, is often part of team building exercises based on fun facts and two truths and a lie. No-one really ever gets close to Hyan’s tale.

“At Geico, every time you meet a group of people, you have to do your fun facts. Everyone tells me ‘Do your fun fact! Do your fun fact!’” Hyan told Bleacher Report.

“Some people don’t get it. They ask, ‘What weight class are you in?’” Hyan said. ”They say, ‘I don’t see you that way. You seem really nice.’”

Hyan has been training for the ring since her college days, has appeared on WWE Raw against full-time professionals and counts legendary wrestler Booker T as a mentor.

At her day-job, she may be a tactful, quiet and friendly co-worker, but that all changes as she bobs under the ropes.

“I’m a pretty reserved person in my normal life. Things just roll off me,” she explained.

“I like to be the best. And I like people to tell me I’m the best. I’m not show-offy like I am in the ring,” Hyan said. ”I’m a lot more aggressive in the ring than I am in my normal life.”

Hyan works four 10-hour shifts for Geico before she embarks on her training with her eyes firmly set on becoming a full-time professional.

Her managers and co-workers have been supportive of her extracurricular activities with many attending her bouts to show their support.

“I really have to talk to my managers and try to fix it all. I have to really plan ahead to make sure everything’s taken care of at work,” Hyan said. “My vacation time gets eaten up.”

“Everybody thinks it’s pretty cool. Everybody’s really supportive.”

So, next time you open the work fridge and use the last of someone’s milk, make sure your co-worker can’t put you in a figure four leg lock.

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