Funeral home owner gets 18 years for scamming clients

The Pennsylvania man was convicted of insurance fraud, theft and a raft of other charges for scamming $300,000 from his victims

Funeral home owner gets 18 years for scamming clients

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By Ryan Smith

The former owner of a Pennsylvania funeral home will spend 18 years in prison for scamming dozens of people who prepaid for funeral services. His victims, however, are unlikely to ever get their money back.

David W. Faust, 54, was convicted earlier this year of insurance fraud, theft, forgery, identity theft, and tampering with public records, according to a report by The Intelligencer. Faust admitted to stealing about $300,000 from his clients over the course of 20 years. Bucks County, Pa., Judge Diane E. Gibbons delayed Faust’s sentencing in order for attorneys to investigate what assets of his could be sold to repay his victims.

Faust’s family and attorneys found multiple liens and an unpaid second mortgage on Faust Funeral Home and his house, according to The Intelligencer. While the properties are collectively valued at nearly $1 million, the unpaid debts would gobble up most of the profits from a sale.

Faust’s oldest daughter, Sara Faust-Strang – who was unaware of Faust’s debts or his illegal activities – said she hoped to stabilize the business in order to aid in restitution for the victims, including honoring their prepaid funerals.

At the sentencing, Gibbons blasted Faust for deceiving his family, victims and the court, The Intelligencer reported.

“You are the most manipulative human being I have met,” she said.

Faust admitted to forging at least seven different doctors’ names on death certificates in order to access accounts containing funds for prepaid funerals. He also continued to work at the funeral home despite collecting disability insurance for what was described as a “coffin accident” that required multiple surgeries on his shoulder and back.


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