Insuring a fun time is had by all with event insurance

"We insure fun!"

Insuring a fun time is had by all with event insurance

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By Desmond Devoy

This article was produced in partnership with K&K Insurance Group Inc.

Desmond Devoy, of Insurance Business America, sat down with Nichole Karst, vice president events and attractions, Stephanie Waldron, chief underwriting officer, and Lorna Hatfield, marketing manager at K&K Insurance, to find out more about the fun events that the company insures.

Insurance does not take the fun out of an event – K&K Insurance insures the fun.

Whether it is the county fair, a roadside tourist attraction, or a concert, agents have the potential to grow their businesses by insuring fun events like the county fair, a roadside tourist attraction, or event concerts.

“We insure many different types of fun and exciting risks at K&K Insurance,” said Nichole Karst, vice president events and attractions division. “Festivals and special events are some of my favorite risks though. Even after 20 plus years in underwriting, I still see new types of events every year!”

Stephanie Waldron, the company’s chief underwriting officer, agrees.

“K&K has more than 50 years of experience insuring special events across the US,” she said. “K&K insures many famous events but we do take our client’s privacy seriously. We’ve insured famous festivals, marathons, political gatherings, religious events, performances, pre-game festivities, and other unique gatherings. We insure fun!”

For more than 70 years, K&K Insurance has been a consistent resource for agents looking for specialty programs in the sports, leisure, and recreation industry. Their underwriters are experts in understanding the unique coverage needs of events, from festivals to tourist attractions to political campaign rallies.

“Agents are able to quote and purchase coverage for smaller events online while larger events with more complex coverage needs can be written with the help of our underwriting team,” said Lorena Hatfield, marketing manager at K&K. “In addition, K&K’s claims staff are dedicated to managing events and have decades of experience in claims resolution.”

Defining fun

As with anything to do with insurance, there are definitions that are important to know when it comes to any category.

“Festivals are short-term event risks that often feature some of our favorite things like food, music, art, and community,” said Waldron. “Tourist attractions are annual operations that attract guests to view and experience what they have to offer. We often think of these as attractions where people ‘walk and look’ and it’s a broad concept; some examples include operations such as botanical gardens, museums, historical sites, cultural facilities, and caves, to name a few.”

With the pandemic days and their restrictions now in our rear-view mirrors, this is a good time for everyone to get out and about – and it is a good time for “new opportunities for agents looking to grow their business,” said Hatfield. “Whether large or small, every community has events, festivals, fairs and attractions that need insurance and we are here to help. K&K makes it easy for agents to work with us – no appointment is required to submit an application for a quote.”

Agents looking to cover smaller events can apply and buy online 24/7, which allows K&K’s underwriting team time to focus on larger events that require an underwriter’s talent.

 In addition to insuring events and attractions, K&K also offers coverage for vendors and entertainers participating at these events; insurance agents receive 10% commission when using K&K’s quote and buy online programs.

Short-Term Special Events: Coverage designed for smaller events with less complex coverage needs where total attendance is 3,000 or less and with a maximum number of event days is 10.

Concessionaires/Exhibitors/Vendors: Includes insurance for concessionaires, vendors and exhibitors who sell, display, demonstrate or promote their products or services on a short-term basis at a location that is away from any owned or long-term leased premises. Options include single event coverage, 3-month coverage, 6-month coverage and annual coverage as well as an option to cover equipment and contents. Visit

Entertainer/Performer/Bands and Performing Groups: Liability coverage for entertainers, performers, bands, and performing groups who work on an independent contractor basis entertaining at events, festivals and other facilities. To apply visit

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