Man charged with insurance fraud after "finding" hair in burger

Man charged with insurance fraud after "finding" hair in burger | Insurance Business America

Man charged with insurance fraud after "finding" hair in burger

A Raleigh, NC man has been arrested and charged over allegations that he manipulated an image of a McDonald’s burger to look like there was hair in his meal.

Bernard Truesdale, 41, was charged with insurance fraud and attempting to obtain property by false pretense. Agents with the North Carolina Department of Insurance’s Criminal Investigations Division accuse Truesdale of creating a manipulated image of his burger, which was sent to McDonald’s Restaurants’ insurer Zurich North America as proof that the burger had more than just pickles and relish.

According to the arrest warrant, Truesdale planted the hair on the burger after the wrapper was removed. Truesdale also claimed that consuming the happy-turned-hairy meal caused him to become nauseous.

The warrant noted that Truesdale filed a claim for pain and suffering damages after eating the burger, as well as $1,595.90 in medical expenses paid to Wake Medical Center.

The offenses occurred between October 15, 2020, and March 16, 2021. The North Carolina Department of Insurance said in a release that special agents and Wake County deputies arrested Truesdale on November 15, 2021; he was given a $10,000 secured bond.

“Insurance fraud hurts consumers,” said North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey. “Approximately 20% of your insurance premium goes to cover the cost of fraud. That’s why I’m aggressively pursuing and prosecuting insurance fraud in North Carolina.”