Metromile introduces free driver monitoring app

The app allows motorists to assess whether their driving will result in lower rates

Metromile introduces free driver monitoring app

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By Lyle Adriano

Metromile has launched a new free-to-use app that allows drivers to learn more about their driving habits and check if they are eligible for lower insurance rates before they switch to the insurer’s usage-based auto insurance.

The company’s new “Ride Along” app is free to use, even for non-customers of Metromile. Once downloaded on to a smartphone, the app will request some basic information from the user. Whenever the user goes out to drive, they can activate the app, which tracks their driving distance. After about a two-week period, the app will generate results showing drivers the total distance they drove within the period, and how much their expected insurance bill would be if they made the switch to Metromile.

In addition to tracking distance driven, the app also allows users to sign up for Metromile’s pay-as-you-go auto insurance.

“The majority of Americans drive 10,000 miles or fewer every year and could save with pay-per-mile car insurance, but they do not realize it; as a result, drivers overpay for car insurance by hundreds of dollars a year,” said Metromile CEO Dan Preston. “Ride Along helps drivers learn more about their driving and discover whether pay-per-mile is right for them. We want to empower drivers with control over what they want to pay for car insurance, especially as it is one of the largest expenses for many households.”

According to a company release, drivers in select states can save an additional 40% on their initial Metromile quote after using Ride Along if they demonstrate safe driving habits. Rates start at $29 per month, plus a few cents for each mile driven.

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