Nationwide offers coverage tool to Amazon Business Prime members

Nationwide offers coverage tool to Amazon Business Prime members | Insurance Business America

Nationwide offers coverage tool to Amazon Business Prime members

Nationwide has announced that it is offering its Coverage Assistant tool to eligible members of Amazon’s Business Prime. Using the tool, members will take an online assessment, complete an online quote, and then connect with an agent to receive an exclusive discount. The pilot program, which will run through December, is part of Nationwide’s efforts to help small businesses ensure they have the necessary level of insurance coverage.

“We know that customers can use our help to make good insurance purchase decisions to better understand the protection needs of their small businesses,” said Angie Klett, senior vice president of corporate development at Nationwide. “That is why we’ve built Coverage Assistant. We know it can help customers work through their protection concerns.”

Coverage Assistant uses predictive modeling to generate individualized coverage options and risk information, Nationwide said. To use the tool, eligible Business Prime members can log into their account and start their assessment upon landing on Nationwide’s page. Coverage Assistant will then provide small business owners a customized protection assessment to help them understand what kind of insurance coverage might make sense for their business, based on data from other businesses like theirs, all in less than five minutes.

Customers can then seek a digital quote or connect with a Nationwide agent using a dedicated toll-free number to purchase the coverage. Eligible Business Prime members can also receive an exclusive discount on a policy purchased through Nationwide’s licensed sales team during the pilot, the insurer said.

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“Our customers are always looking for ways to maximize their business potential beyond procurement,” said Todd Heimes, director of Business Prime for Amazon 2 Business Worldwide. “We are excited that Nationwide will now offer Business Prime members help exploring insurance options. Business Prime is committed to providing benefits that help customers take their business to the next level. We are wholly invested in offering the best-in-class customer experience and partner offerings that provide disproportionate value.”

“Nationwide is committed to the protection needs of small business owners,” said Cathy Allocco, vice president of Nationwide’s small commercial sales and distribution team. “Nationwide Coverage Assistant is an easy online tool that helps busy small business owners quickly explore the coverages they need and get back to doing what they do best – running their business.”