“Putting someone on a pedestal is deserving …”

What does an award judge look for in an insurance winner?

“Putting someone on a pedestal is deserving …”

by Chris Davies

We caught up with Norma Essary of Surplus Lines Stamping Office of Texas, a judge at the upcoming Insurance Business America Awards, for a quick chat on her career to date and her thoughts on the insurance community.

Insurance Business: Tell the world about yourself! What’s your quick biography?

Norma Essary: Honest to goodness, from the core – out, I am simply a “maximizer.” Fascinated with people and what sets individuals apart from everyone else is what drives change and success within organizations/industries. I take that role seriously with both of my families (home & work) to ensure that creativity and talent is watered and allowed to bloom; it is what makes people better, stronger and skillful. Using this philosophy, I have had the pleasure of creating successful teams, departments and entities. It was more about honing in on the wondrous and rare qualities of people, beyond myself.

IB: How great does it feel to be part of the thriving insurance community?

NE: Absolutely, love, love the industry. I knew I wanted to be part of it, before it was attractive. Insurance professionals are lifelong friends, regardless of the industry segment, underwriting, sales, claims, risk management, safety, health…. I can look back and remember who was near me during adverse or joyous occasions, and, not surprisingly, there is an insurance buddy always standing with me.

IB: You’re a judge for the upcoming Insurance Business America Awards. How does it feel?

NE: For me, it is an honor to be part of a bigger picture. Putting someone on a pedestal and making them see how valued they have become to others is deserving. Everyone should be highlighted at some point in their life.

IB: Why is it important to showcase & celebrate those in the industry who are raising the bar?

NE: Recognizing, not just rewarding, deserving individuals has great blessings. It allows the “paying it forward” concept to thrive.

IB: What are you looking for in an IBA winner?

NE: These nominees all have skills in the industry; however, what separates the top tier are their personal strengths and gifts. At the end of the day, we must consider how the value of the IBA award will encourage them to thrust to greater levels of good and how they will bring others with them. Selected winners must be a catalyst, not just for change but for those yet to come…



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