QBE North America, Flyreel join up to help homeowners

Recent events have put the spotlight on a key non-weather loss

QBE North America, Flyreel join up to help homeowners

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By Ryan Smith

QBE North America has announced that it is building on its partnership with artificial intelligence company Flyreel to help homeowners avoid common water damage losses.

Water damage is the second-most common type of non-weather loss experienced by homeowners, according to claims data from QBE North America. QBE and Flyreel have partnered on an app to offer in-home, water-focused inspections for policyholders.

The companies first partnered in 2020 to provide self-service property inspections through an AI-assisted application. QBE said the app was useful for homeowners during the COVID-19 pandemic, offering the information that comes from an inspection without requiring an outside person to come into their home.

Now the companies are building on the partnership to address the key causes of water damage in homes, such as burst pipes, leaking valves or recalled appliances. The average cost of a water damage or freezing claim is about $8,500, according to QBE. A water damage event can also displace homeowners for weeks or months as mould mitigation workers and construction contractors work to restore a home.

“Events like hurricanes and the Texas freeze put a spotlight on the shocking effects of in-home water damage, but in reality, damage often happens without a natural disaster,” said Mark McCormick, vice president of risk solutions for QBE. “Flyreel’s solution is very user-friendly and provides important customized information about water loss risks with real-time tips and recommendations. As an example, it helps homeowners find and use the main water shutoff valve, which can save significant time, money and heartache when there’s a water issue.”

With the tool, customers can document their appliances, plumbing updates, possible recalls and more, while receiving instant notifications of ways to mitigate potential water damage, QBE said.

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