Rising Star already an industry veteran

She shares tips on how to overcome imposter syndrome

Rising Star already an industry veteran

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By Ryan Smith

Although just 28 years old, Cayla Carrillo is already an insurance industry veteran.

Carrillo, an advisor and brand manager at AgencyCFO, will celebrate a decade in the insurance space next year.

Carrillo’s drive and innovation have landed her on IBA’s 2023 Rising Stars list, which honors top insurance professionals under the age of 35.

“Being a critical thinker with the ability to problem-solve has enabled me to be a high performer from the start,” Carrillo said. “Looking back, I’m grateful to have had teachers and professors that helped me hone my critical thinking skills before entering any career field. Those closest to me know that I don’t like the word ‘no.’ I’m a firm believer in the saying, ‘Where there is a will, there is a way.’ The start of my career was tough, and problem-solving my way through any obstacle has helped me get ahead.”

Carrillo admitted that, having entered the industry at just 19 years old, she’s still often the youngest person in the room – a fact that has at times led her to struggle with “imposter syndrome.”

“Overcoming the feeling of ‘imposter syndrome’ is a mindset that takes frequent practice,” she told IBA. “I lean into the guidance of my mentors and remind myself that it’s okay to ask for help or ask for a second review. When you acknowledge the feeling and remove the assumption that everyone knows what they’re doing, you realize that it’s not just you.”

Carrillo said it’s also important to surround yourself with peers who want to see you succeed.

“Insurance is a very human industry, and it’s necessary to have people who are much wiser than you to help overcome any challenges that come your way,” she said.

Carrillo said she was proud to be named a Rising Star by IBA.

“Winning this award means those closest to me felt confident to advocate for my achievement,” she said. “Through their advocacy, accomplished industry professionals chose to highlight my story this year. This is the ultimate achievement and validation that [I’m] in the right place.”

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