Starr Companies enhances Directors & Officers product

Starr Companies enhances Directors & Officers product | Insurance Business

Starr Companies enhances Directors & Officers product
There has arguably never been a greater spotlight on those in leading positions at top companies than there is now – and that has prompted Starr Companies to shake up its crisis coverage.

The company, which is an insurance and investment organization with a presence on five continents, has announced an enhancement available to its Side A Directors & Officers excess and lead-in-conditions policy which provides crisis loss coverage for insured persons.

“We are in an unprecedented litigation and regulatory environment and a crisis event can cause a material effect on an individual’s reputation,” stated Brian Inselberg, senior vice president, financial lines. “Starr continues to look for ways to be innovative for the directors and officers of our insureds. Our Side ‘A’ Directors & Officers Excess and Lead Difference-In-Conditions (DIC) policy insures executives as they conduct business and make decisions on a daily basis.”

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