Statement on diversity in Elite Women 2020

Statement on diversity in Elite Women 2020 | Insurance Business America

Statement on diversity in Elite Women 2020

At Insurance Business, and indeed at Key Media at large, we are deeply passionate about embracing diversity in our work. That’s why it was disappointing for us that our own 2020 Elite Women list severely lacked representation from the phenomenal women of color in our industry. This is something we want to put right going forward.

The list is reliant on votes from those within the insurance sector. We could and should have done a better job in reaching out to more diverse groups and individuals to encourage their participation. Our resulting list is also indicative of the fact that the industry as a whole has a diversity issue that it needs to address.

It starts with us. As such, we are actively looking to address our error in the following ways:

  1. We have already reached out to, and will continue to, several industry bodies representing professionals of color, specifically Black or African American, Latinx and Asian, to ask for their future participation in nominating members.
  2. We also intend to more actively promote our nomination forms with diversity bodies going forward and would welcome reach out from any groups or individuals who may wish to learn more about how they can nominate going forward. Please note that all nominations are completely free.

Insurance Business runs Women in Insurance events in multiple cities around the world and has been a media partner of the Dive In Festival since its inception. We regularly write articles about the lack of ethnic representation within the sector in our global publications and deeply regret missing a critical opportunity to celebrate professional women of color on our list. 

It’s clear we have a lot of room for improvement in reflecting all the people of this industry more accurately and openly. That is a matter we take seriously.

We need to improve, and we will.

Thank you for reading.