THG collaborates with design firm on New England HQ

THG collaborates with design firm on New England HQ | Insurance Business America

THG collaborates with design firm on New England HQ

In preparation for the migration of employees back to on-site work, The Hilb Group (THG) has collaborated with architecture and design firm Dacon on a new regional headquarters for New England.

THG is an insurance broker with more than 30 specialties across employee benefits, commercial and personal lines. The company wanted its New England regional headquarters – in which 130 employees will work – to encourage productivity and maintain social responsibility through sustainability.

The 25,000-square-foot headquarters in Cranston, R.I., is located at Chapel View, a mixed-use restaurant, retail and luxury residential development.

“The design goal was to create a space that reflected Hilb’s progressive, high-performance culture, by enforcing corporate brand identity and creating a driving sense of purposefulness that empowers employees and clients into action,” Dacon said.

The headquarters consists of two floors with an open-office work environment, entrance lobby, conference space, training room, restroom and café.

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“A strong emphasis was placed on utilizing design elements from pre- and post-recycled content,” Dacon said. This included LightArt Acoustic Echo light fixtures, which are crafted from felt and act as sculptural forms while simultaneously absorbing sound. The designer also used furniture with pre- and post-recycled content as high as 65%.

“With their high-performance culture, Hilb knows how to offer its clients more in expertise, attention and market intelligence,” said Kevin Quinn, CEO of Dacon. “We are delighted to have created an office design that reflects these attributes of success while exercising a sensitivity toward conscious consumption.”