‘We need to thank our millennials’ for insurance D&I

Women in Insurance conference chair talks about self-promotion, social media, and networking

‘We need to thank our millennials’ for insurance D&I

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By Bethan Moorcraft

Bobbie Goldie describes herself as “one of insurance’s biggest cheerleaders”. She has over 25-years of industry experience across broking, underwriting and claims handling, with particular expertise in cyber liability, professional liability, directors & officers liability, employment practices liability, and crime. Now a senior vice president of North America Cyber for Chubb, Goldie remains adamant that she “loves” her career in insurance because of the exciting and interesting challenges that come her way every day.

Goldie (pictured) will be chairperson at the upcoming Women in Insurance conference, hitting Chicago on September 10. She’ll be joined by some of the industry’s most talented thought-leaders, who will engage in speaker sessions, panel discussions and networking to help industry peers forge strategies to tackle the biggest issues surrounding women in insurance today.

Reflecting on her 25-year career, Goldie said: “When it comes to diversity and inclusion (D&I) - and more specifically, women in insurance - I believe the largest strides have been made in recent years. There are a couple of things that have really made a difference. For example, social media has played a key role in boosting D&I. If something positive happens to an organization or an individual, they now have the opportunity to share that news on social media platforms. This can lead to some great viral messaging.”

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are also used by many for negative messaging or venting. If an employee feels they’ve been subject to discrimination in the workplace, there’s nothing stopping them from sharing their displeasure all over the internet – and these types of complaints tend to gain lots of traction on social media. Businesses are now much more aware that their D&I policies will be closely scrutinized, and that social media could quickly turn into a negative story for them. They’re more sensitive to the pros and cons of social media, according to Goldie.

“We also need to thank our millennials for the key roles they’ve played in our D&I initiatives,” Goldie told Insurance Business. “With the millennial generation – both men and women – their natural communication style is to be direct and to ask for what they want. Women in previous generations (including my own) would keep their heads down, focus on doing a really great job, and wait to be tapped on the shoulder for either a promotion or a new project. Historically, men generally have not worked that way. But millennials have shown us that we can use our voices and ask for that new project or that promotion, so we need to thank them.”

Essentially, what millennials have brought to the table is a new ease and confidence around self-promotion and networking, according to Goldie. In order to encourage these initiatives further, Chubb runs an annual leaderboard meeting through which both internal and external leadership and talent can network and discuss the important issues facing the industry today. Insurance Business America’s Women in Insurance roadshow is another great networking opportunity, Goldie added. “Attendees should make the most of the day to build their networks and take the tools and insights they gain into their everyday working lives,” she said.

Bobbie Goldie will be sharing more insights at the upcoming Women in Insurance Chicago on September 10, also road showing in New York on September 17, San Francisco on October 03, and London UK on October 10. See further information or book now.

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