Everything you need to know about Inland Marine Insurance

Addressing gaps left by conventional property policies

Everything you need to know about Inland Marine Insurance

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In the intricate landscape of business insurance, there’s a crucial player: inland marine insurance. While the term might evoke images of ships navigating vast oceans, its reality is far more grounded, yet equally important. This type of insurance covers land transportation and off-site storage of property and assets, offering vital protection where traditional policies may fall short. But what exactly does this insurance entail, and who needs it? Let’s delve deeper into the world of inland marine insurance to uncover its significance and applicability in the business realm.

What is Inland Marine Insurance?

While its name might be a little interesting, inland marine insurance is an insurance policy that covers land (not waterway!). It’s actually an offshoot of ocean marine insurance covering property and assets as they’re being transported on land - via highways or railways - or stored away from a business’s main location.

For example, your business might regularly transport goods to different locations and store some at an off-site warehouse. If you already have commercial property insurance, it likely covers your business locations and personal property, but it might not cover incidents that happen on the road or mishaps at your off-site warehouse. Typically, commercial property insurance only oversees stationary property at your main location.

And that’s where inland marine insurance comes into play. It fills in the gaps, and limitations that other policies may contain. For example, coverage when your property and assets maybe in transit or off-site storage.

What does Inland Marine Insurance cover?

The beauty of this kind of insurance is that it can tailor terms and conditions for even the most complex and tricky risks, from fine arts to contractors’ equipment. It’s adaptability to respond to the specific exposure presented by the individual risk. For example, difficult to value property or specific perils such as theft or wind, hail, fire, or water damage.

In the instance of builders’ risk insurance, if a fire were to break out at a construction site, it could devastate the structure, ruining all the progress and placing a major delay in the project. However, if those running the operation have builders’ risk insurance, they could use it to recover the cost of damage from the fire, such as supplies, materials, and equipment, as well as the expenses associated with redesigns, refinancing, and rebuilding.

Who needs Inland Marine Insurance?

If your business moves around assets, works offsite, or handles property of others, getting inland marine insurance may be a good idea.

The following are some of the most common industries that purchase inland marine coverage:


  • Builders’ Risk
  • Contractors’ Equipment
  • Installation Floaters
  • Rigging Liability
  • Civil Works Projects


  • Transit & Location
  • Warehouse Storage
  • Rolling Stock
  • Tank Storage
  • Cash in Transit
  • Commercial Transit


  • Electronic Equipment
  • Broadcast Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Scientific Equipment
  • Telecommunications


  • Oil & Gas
  • Fine Arts
  • Entertainment
  • Theatrical
  • Infrastructure
  • Equipment Dealers
  • General Floaters

Inland marine insurance stands as a cornerstone in safeguarding businesses against the uncertainties of the complex tailored coverages such as transportation and off-site storage. Its flexible coverage and broad terms make it indispensable for industries ranging from construction to technology and beyond. As businesses navigate the complexities of today’s marketplace, having comprehensive insurance like inland marine coverage becomes not just a choice but a necessity. At Falvey Insurance Group, we understand the importance of tailored solutions and exceptional service. With a commitment to excellence and a suite of added-value services, we stand ready to partner with businesses, providing peace of mind and protection every step of the way. Choose Falvey Insurance Group for your insurance needs and experience the difference firsthand.

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