Unlocking the future of commercial construction with QBE

Exploring how insurers can stay ahead of the construction curve

Unlocking the future of commercial construction with QBE

Construction & Engineering

By Nicole Panteloucos

This article was created in partnership with QBE.

The construction industry forms the foundation of modern society, crafting our skylines, infrastructures, and economies. However, with advancement comes risk, and the shifting terrain of construction requires insurers to remain proactive and informed.

Navigating the future

The importance of thorough risk management in construction has reached an all-time high.

Join QBE on June 20 for its highly anticipated webinar, “Navigating the Future: Insights on Evolving Risks in Commercial Construction.”

The session is designed for insurance professionals eager to learn about the most pressing risks keeping industry leaders up at night. Attendees will gain valuable insights on how to better prepare for and manage the evolving challenges in the commercial construction sector.

According to QBE’s 2024 Commercial Construction Risk Report, trending construction risks include:

  • Cybersecurity: With increasing reliance on technology, cyber threats are a significant concern.
  • High interest rates: These can impact project financing and overall costs.
  • Labor shortage/Lack of skilled labor: Finding and retaining skilled workers is a persistent issue.

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