Cowbell adds Google Workspace to its risk rating model

Model will provide real-time insights into risks associated with collaboration tools

Cowbell adds Google Workspace to its risk rating model


By Ryan Smith

Cowbell Cyber, a provider of cyber insurance for small and medium-sized businesses, has announced the launch of its Connector for Google Workspace.

The connector allows access to inside-out data and real-time risk insights into the collaboration and productivity applications within Google Workspace, such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and more. Cowbell is the first insurance provider to specifically incorporate Google Workspace security configuration data into its overall risk assessment model.

Cowbell Connectors allow policyholders and cyber insurance applicants to activate a connection to a specific infrastructure – in this case, Google – to generate deeper insights into the risk profile of their organizations.

The insurer said that real-time insights into cyber risk associated with email and collaboration tools are critical since email remains one of the top attack vectors for cybercriminals to steal credentials and launch attacks. Adding security configuration insights from Google Workspace will enable Cowbell to reduce the frequency and severity of cyber incidents, the company said.

“Several million businesses in the US use Google Workspace,” said Jessica Newman, director of strategic technology alliances at Cowbell. “We are proud of building a cyber insurance experience that incentivizes Google customers to be vigilant about the way they use the Google collaboration tools that enable their businesses to thrive.”

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