Cowbell Cyber partners with digital broker Mylo

Cowbell Cyber partners with digital broker Mylo | Insurance Business America

Cowbell Cyber partners with digital broker Mylo

Cyber insurance provider Cowbell Cyber has announced that it has partnered with Mylo, a digital broker launched by Lockton, to enable increased distribution of Cowbell’s standalone cyber insurance to the small-business market.

Cowbell said that businesses of all sizes are becoming more reliant on digital technology – especially with the recent shift to remote work – which can leave them exposed to increased cybersecurity threats. Mylo selected Cowbell Cyber because Cowbell Prime, its standalone, admitted cyber insurance program, addresses challenges small businesses face when considering insurance, including:

  • Clarity of policy terms: Cowbell Cyber said business owners can immediately understand the protection they will receive under the company’s policies
  • Relevancy: Quotes and policies are customizable for higher relevancy for the policyholder
  • Admitted program: Ensures that everything has been vetted by state-level agencies
  • Risk management tools: Free risk assessment and mitigation tools add value

“We are excited to partner with Mylo to deliver on the promise of customized cyber coverage and easy-to-use risk management tools for their expanding client base,” said Dan Law, head of national accounts at Cowbell Cyber. “Partnering with Mylo will allow us to better distribute cyber insurance to the currently underserved markets, ultimately helping customers with their cyber resilience.”

“As an advocate for small business owners, we care about helping them prepare for a cyberattack that could threaten everything they’ve worked so hard to build,” said Belen Tokarski, CEO of Mylo. “Mylo and Cowbell Cyber are a great fit because we both focus on using technology to give businesses the protection they need to anticipate and recover from serious risks.”